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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The start - 4 weeks ago:

Some Personal Info:
I'm a 46 year old with (Lately) a sex drive of a twenty year old.  I do not have a small cock, it is also not huge either.  My wife and I were not having sexual or emotional problems at this time in our lives . We also spent a perfect day in bed, just the day before. (Later story)

I requested to my wife that I wish to be a Cuckold to her. I told her that I wanted her to own my cock since for the past 4-5 months I've had a wandering eye and was looking at anything breathing. (Legal age and humans, just to let you know people.)

She was taken a little  aback and overwhelmed about the whole ideal. And asked what a Cuckold was to which I replied that it is when a wife owns the husbands sex drive. She'll be the one to let him know when and were he may be allowed to cum. (I later told her about the rest of the fetish, this will be a later post.)

 After the fact I thought about it and realized that this was truly not fair to her at all. I wished I had discussed this with her another way,  instead of dropping this on her as she was getting out of the shower and I was going in the morning after we had returned from a family vacation. This could have ended our marriage and given her an  emotional breakdown ...Both of wich I did not want.   I guess I snapped inside.

I love and cherish this woman and would never hurt her intentionally but I also knew that I could no longer keep this inside of me.  Thinking back I should have sat down and talked about it better in a proper manner as a man of my age should. This is the woman I married twenty years ago and I'm still happily in love with her. I actually lust after her.

I did not wish to lose her to a meaningless sex act. I also no longer wished to lie to myself and to the woman I love. This came to my attention when I did some hard thinking about my life I noticed a pattern going back almost 20 years ago.

We'll keep you posted on our Journey.

I've made this blog in her Honor to see where this takes us.

I can't promise it will be good or last long. but it will be a real Journey with real people's feelings.

Cuckold H

Would love to hear your feelings on what we write about.

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